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Rotary Park Upgrades

Rotary Park is located at 275 Scenic Drive, Wanneroo and is classified as a Passive
Regional Park. The current play equipment was installed in 2008 and as part of the City’s Asset Renewal Program, the Rotary Park Play Space is due for renewal.

A community consultation process was previously undertaken to inform the concept design. The community consultation period was open from 1 December 2021 to 31 January 2022. 

The project is listed in the Capital Works Program as:
• 2022/23: $100,000 for concept design, consultation and detailed design;
• 2023/24: $500,000 for commencement of construction; and
• 2024/25: $500,000 for continued construction.

Feedback from the consultation included:

  • Fully enclose the park to improve safety;

  • Create one main entry from the carpark, with a double self-closing gate and widened footpath. Two other minor entrances will be created – one from a footpath along Scenic Drive for local users and one on the southern end to keep the path accessible;

  • Refurbish the Tree House. This will include installing new structural posts and reconfiguring the fort to improve the user experience and add some more challenging features. The intention is that the fort will have similar aesthetics and functionality as it does currently;

  • Redesign the middle play space (Area 2) by removing all current equipment and installing new climbing and imaginative play items. New shade sails will also be added, as well as rubberised surface to improve accessibility. The range of new equipment will cater for all ages and abilities;

  • Redesign the existing sand play area (Area 3) to make it more engaging and suitable for all abilities. A rubberised surface will be provided to some of the elements for improved accessibility. Sand play will be the main function of this space; and

  • Redevelop Area 4 to include a selection of nature play elements to complement the general feel of the park and provide different challenges for children of all ages.


  • The design team are currently finalising the concept design of Stage 2, however some aspects of the detailed design has commenced through consultancy contracts, which will form part of the detailed design package. These items currently being worked on include the lighting renewal and structural details. It is anticipated that all works associated with the detailed design will be completed by November 2024, and will be followed immediately by the preparation and advertisement of a construction tender. This process will take approximately six months to the time a Recommendation Report will be presented to Council. Due to the seasonal constraints associated with the location of Stage 2 in the lower lying areas of Rotary Park, the construction works are unable to be completed during the wetter months of the year. This indicates through the cashflow schedule, that the earliest site works on Stage 2 can commence would be Spring (October/November) 2025.


  • Administration can confirm that construction of Stage 1 at Rotary Park is currently underway, and the completion is scheduled for mid to late June 2024. (Fort Replacement)

You can the concept plans and designs for Stage 1 here: Concept Plan

DRAFT Rotary Park Stage 1 Concept.png

You can the concept plans and designs for Stage 2 here: Concept Plan

DRAFT Rotary Park Stage 2 Concept.png
DA- Rotary Park Masterplan Final May 2024-003.png
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