My Story

Jordan Wright is the youngest elected member for the City of Wanneroo at the age of 20. Jordan grew up in Hocking and has lived in the beautiful Wanneroo area shopping at local businesses and using the local community facilities. 

Jordan's story began at East Wanneroo Primary School then moved to the brand new Hocking Primary School in 2008. From there, He became a student at Wanneroo Secondary College and graduated completing ATAR and a number of certifications in Business and Information Technology. He was also honoured to accept the Glynn Watkins Community Service Award for his hard work as an active community member within the school and the broader community. 


He's currently undertaking a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce at Edith Cowan University and involves a focus on Tourism & Hospitality Management and International Business. He is due to complete this in early 2022. 

Jordan's has worked in many industries from retail, hospitality, public service and higher education. He started his work experience from minimum working age and has always worked hard to earn his own money and to live independently. In all his roles, his core focus is customer service.

His volunteer track record has lead him to many opportunities when he was the School Representative of the Business & Law School at ECU and engagement with clubs such as Enactus ECU where he served as Human Resources Officer.  Jordan became the Chair of the Youth Steering Committee for the Prevent, Support, Heal campaign leading youth in mental health advocacy work in Western Australia with the WA Association for Mental Health.

He has always had a philosophy that if you would like to see change, you need to be that change and empower others around you to make a difference. 


"A strong diverse council is vital to bring young people to the forefront of the decision-making process. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference"