Council Meetings

Attendance of Council meetings

This link takes you to the City's official page to submit your attendance, ask a public question or submit a deputation online for an upcoming council meeting.

Meeting Agenda's & Minutes

Electronic copies of the Agendas are available on the City's website on the Friday before the scheduled Ordinary Council Meeting, you can view an electronic copy at your local library or a printed copy at the meeting in Council Chambers.

Electronic copies of the Minutes are available on the City's website within 10 working days from the Council Meeting.

Meeting Calendar 2022

Screenshot 2022-07-08 130655.png

Council Audio Recordings

To access a live stream of Council Proceedings please click below. The live stream will commence at 6pm (AWST).

Recording of Council Meetings Policy

Cr Vinh Nguyen and I brought an amendment to support the addition of video recording and audio recording to be brought forward before the Local Government reforms. This can be seen in this policy and was supported by Council.

Video streaming of meetings will be introduced soon. Updates to follow.


Petitions are a formal written request, typically signed by many people, that requests Council to take action in respect of a particular cause. 

Only the original, final version of a petition will be accepted. A petition must be submitted in a printable format (this can include a hard copy or scanned/PDF electronically via email).  

Online E-live petitions cannot be accepted by the City although a final extracted version of such a petition that is in a printable format, may be accepted if the Form of Petition criteria has been met.